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Opus Interconnect
Opus Interconnect
32 500 Ft

Opus Interconnect

Opus Interconnect

Easy to use stereo interconnect that is very flexible. Opus is fitted with hourglass silhouette gold plated RCA plugs for easy insertion and retraction from tight locations behind equipment.

This is for a pair of interconnect cables, as shown, supplied in 0.5 metre or 1 metre lengths.

This is an ideal interconnect to buy for your first music system. Its excellent sound quality also makes it ideal for upgrading interconnects supplied with your equipment.

Opus is an outstanding value interconnect with a silicone rubber outer sheath to deliver clearer sound over Twist due to the damping effect of silicone rubber.

Specification below:

Conductors 16 x 0.2 mm dia. tinned copper
Conductor area 0.5 sq mm
Insulation thickness 0.6 mm
Outer sheath in white silicone rubber
Fitted with gold plated ‘Hourglass Silhouette’ RCA plugs for easy insertion and extraction
For other custom lengths please contact our sales office
32 500 Ft