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LA-4 Előerősítő

LA-4 Előerősítő
A high quality active pre-amplifier featuring a host of inputs and outputs. The LA-4 makes a perfect combo with either the Masterclass or Sapphire power amplifiers. High-end touches include gold plated circuit boards, relay switching of all inputs and output and a sophisticated class A output stage. The LA-4 is a high gain amplifier that provides an iron fist of control over any power amplifier. The electronic circuitry has been developed to offer the best possible sonic performance without compromise including the use of specially selected transistors and capacitors to provide the best signal preservation. The gain stages are each powered by current shunt differential power supplies, which enable the fastest transients and most powerful crescendos with true musical empathy.

Inputs ​ Four line level inputs, one tape input, one balanced

input, bypass input

Outputs Two line level outputs, fixed tape output, balanced


Volume Control Motorised remote control RC5 compatible

Recording Tape output defeat


Input Sensitivity 100mV for 1 Volt out

Maximum Output 10 Volts

Frequency Response +/-0.1dB 15Hz-30kHz

Bandwidth 6Hz-300kHz

Signal to Noise >90dB

Distortion <0.006% @ 1kHz, 1 Volt out

Gross Weight (packed) 7kgs

Dimensions 75 x 430 x 350mm (hwd)
7 kg/db