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Calypso Digital
Calypso Digital
62 000 Ft

Calypso Digital

62 000 Ft
Calypso Digital Cable connects from the coaxial digital output socket of a CD player or transport to the digital input of a Digital to Analogue converter.

Calypso digital cable is aimed at people who wants a high quality digital audio cable that delivers improved performance at a modest price. It is particularly suited for upgrading lower priced cables.

Calypso Digital is a triple screened coaxial cable specially design by Black Rhodium for high quality audio to. A very high specification;

SPOCC high purity copper conductor wire
Triple Screen
Silver plated copper 94% coverage braded screen
Aluminium foil wrapping
89% coverage braided screen
New DM-PETM (Demagnetising Polyethylene) insulation
Conductive layer between insulation and screen to minimise microphonic noise
Attractive violet colour outer sheath
Outer diameter: 5.5mm
Calypso digital cable is fitted with Black Rhodium’s gold plated ‘hourglass silhouette’ RCA to RCA or BNC to BNC connectors and available in lengths of 1 metre, and 1.5 metre.