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Bolero S Power 13A_Schuko_UL
Bolero S Power 13A_Schuko_UL
925 000 Ft

Bolero S Power 13A_Schuko_UL

Bolero S Power 13A_Schuko_UL
Bolero S is a mains power cable for high end audio equipment. Bolero S can be fitted with a choice of 13 Amp plugs for the UK, Schuko plugs for many European countries or UL connectors for the USA and many other countries.

Bolero S is a superb choice of power cable for high end music playing systems and delivers a most welcome enhancement in sound quality when replacing a less expensive cable.
925 000 Ft
“Bolero S mains cable never falters, keeps its cool, and provides a sense of focus, accuracy and balance that will impress”.


To discover just how good Bolero S can sound, please click/tap above the link to read the full review by Paul Rigby.

The Bolero S Mains Power is 1.7 metres in length.

The design of BOLERO S has been based on knowledge learned during the design of the Charleston loudspeaker cable. The Charleston was developed from a detailed understanding how the Laws of Physics affects sound quality and the engineering solutions developed to minimise distortion.

The final development of the BOLERO S mains power cable was achieved by building several slightly different cables to audition and to record the effect of small changes in materials and components until the final design was reached.

BOLERO S mains power cable features high current, silver-plated conductors with a continuous power rating of 25 amps. The benefit of the high current rating is the more powerful delivery of bass notes and superior stereo imaging. It is well screened against external interference and has an attractive black outer braid that also damps vibration within the cable.

Rhodium plated connectors

BOLERO S mains power cable is fitted with high end rhodium plated connectors from the Black Rhodium ‘Power’ range specially developed for Black Rhodium power cables. UK cables are fitted with a high-end rhodium plated power plug specially chosen by Black Rhodium for its excellent performance.

BOLERO S mains power cable is supplied in a standard length of 1.7 metres which has been chosen after extensive sound tests of different lengths of power cable. We are happy to supply other lengths on request.

Cables can be supplied with either a UK 13 A amp flat pin plug, or the European Schuko plugs, or UL plugs which are used in many other countries An IEC C13 connector socket is fitted as standard to connect to equipment, and IEC C19 high current sockets can be supplied on request.