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Reference M-10 High End előerősítő
Reference M-10 High End előerősítő
6 125 000 Ft

Reference M-10 High End előerősítő

Reference M-10 High End előerősítő
6 125 000 Ft
Plinius Reference M-10 (RM-10) high end előerősítő tulajdonságai:

Reference M-10 Preamplifer

Everything about the Reference M-10 preamplifier demonstrates Plinius’ relentless quest for designs that reveal all the detail in your music, delivered in sophisticated styling that gets your attention.

Years of experience and constant striving for excellence in our electronics designs have resulted in something special with this dual mono design. Lovers of high end audio reproduction will be impressed with the RM10’s uninhibited ability of supplying pure detail to the matching Reference A-300 power amplifier.

The ‘Reference’ aesthetic retains enough of Plinius’ distinctive styling to remind you of its origins but makes a new statement that these pieces demonstrate continuing evolution in our drive to deliver the whole experience of being immersed in music.

20Hz to 20kHz +/–0.1dB

<0.001% THD+N

7V RMS RCA/Unbalanced, 7V RMS XLR/Balanced

7.5k ohms RCA/Unbalanced, 47k ohms XLR/Balanced

10 ohms RCA/Unbalanced, 20 ohms XLR/Balanced

7V RMS RCA/Unbalanced, 14V RMS XLR/Balanced

Height: 170mm (6.75")
Width: 510mm 20")
Depth: 480mm (19")
Weight: 16kg (35lbs)

Line Out
The Line out provides a line level output, carrying the selected source signal. The Line Out allows for the signal to go on to recording equipment, headphone amplifiers or sub-woofer speakers.

Remote Trigger Input and Output
In order to integrate more effectively into a home theatre system, the Reference M-10 has a remote trigger input socket on the rear panel. By connecting a processor or source component with a remote trigger signal to this socket, the Reference M-10 can be switched between HT Bypass and standby modes. When in standby the preamplifier draws less current and will operate at minimum temperature. This may be of advantage in multi-amplifier and/or remote installations.
The Reference M-10 also features two remote trigger output sockets. By connecting this trigger output to other system components, the entire system can be put in and out of standby by the source component.

Ground Lift Switch
This allows for the signal ground to be isolated from the main chassis earth. This can assist in resolving unwanted ground loops or hum due to duplicate ground paths in some systems.

WBT and Neutrik connectors
High quality WBT RCA and Neutrik XLR input and Output connectors are fitted to ensure a high performance, low distortion interface between your cables and the preamplifier.

Balance Control
The balance control adjusts the volume level between left and right. This can assist with equalising channel balance where a recording or speaker placement is not optimal.

Gain Switch
The gain switch allows adjustment of the Lineamp amplification factor. High gain offers a similar level to most preamplifiers, while low gain allows further improvement in distortion levels and can assist where multiple instances of XLR connections result in too much gain in the complete system.

Aluminium Construction
The aluminium lid and panels provide a non-magnetic cover to reduce unwanted magnetic fields that can interfere with the sensitive audio signals.
16 kg/db