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Libra Classic Mains Power Cable
Libra Classic Mains Power Cable
92 000 Ft

Libra Classic Mains Power Cable

Libra Classic Mains Power Cable
92 000 Ft
Libra Classic is a mains power cable for use with music playing systems where a good sound quality is much appreciated. Libra classic can be fitted with a choice of 13 Amp plugs for the UK, Schuko plugs for many European countries or UL connectors for the USA and many other countries.

Libra Classic is an ideal cable for first hi-fi separates systems or for upgrading power cables that are supplied free with audio equipment.

Libra Classic can deliver an extremely high quality of sound thanks to the large ferrite core placed at the equipment end of Libra Classic. The ferrite is extremely effective at removing high frequency noise in the cable and gives you cleaner and clearer sound. Libra Classic is an extremely effective cable choice for digital electronics, but is also extremely effective with lower power amplifiers. Libra Classic is also a very convincing upgrade of power cables that are not fitted a with ferrite

Most source audio electronics have low power requirements and this allows Libra to be designed for quality rather than quantity at a very competitive price. Libra power cable is rated at 5 amps continuous current which is more than adequate for low to medium power amplifiers that might be partnered with it.

The special feature of Libra is the use of silicone rubber insulation. This has several advantages for sound quality. Silicone rubber has very low dielectric absorption loss and so equipment powered by Libra avoids time smearing of sound often heard with other insulation materials.

A second benefit is that silicone rubber insulation is manufactured to a greater thickness. This means that conductors are spaced further apart. As the electrical current in a wire creates a magnetic field around it which diminishes with distance, the magnetic field from one wire has less distorting effect on the music signal in the other wire. This effect delivers sound to your music system that is easier to listen.

A further benefit of silicone rubber insulation is its ability to damp micro-vibrations in the conductor wires caused by the mechanical effects of electrical forces between conductors. We supply Libra Classic mains power cable to a length of 1.7 metres following extensive listening tests that showed power cables delivering best sound at a length of 1.7 metres. We are happy to supply other lengths on request.

Cables can be supplied with either a UK 13 A amp flat pin plug, or the European Schuko plugs, or UL plugs which are used in many other countries An IEC C13 connector socket is fitted as standard to connect to equipment, and IEC C19 high current sockets can be supplied on request.

Specification below:

Conductors – 16 x 0.2mm tinned copper
Conductor size – 0.5sq mm – 20 gauge
Insulation – Silicone rubber type GPC
Cable outer diameter – 8.5mm
Current Rating – 5A